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Torrance is indeed a beautiful city with lots of attractions and activities to offer.  Nonetheless, crime does take place regardless if it’s at the mall or on the streets.  If you happen to receive a call from a friend or a loved one asking for help because they have been arrested and detained by the Torrance Police Department, what would you do? Do you know what you have to do?  Do not panic. Call one of our licensed bail bondsman in Torrance, CA 24 right now. We will walk your through the process.

Nervousness and apprehension will surely start to set in.  Concern for the person who called will definitely push you to seek help.  The practical way to go about it is to stay calm and get as much detail as you can; ask where they were detained, the reason for the arrest, and as much as possible, the exact time of the arrest and the arresting agency.

If the person is being held at the Torrance Jail (part of the Torrance Police Department) simply call our Torrance office and we will speak with the jailer directly and get information not available to the public.  This detention center only serves as a temporary holding facility for arrestees until they post bail, taken for arraignment, or O.R. released. In most cases, the maximum amount of time that an individual can spend at the Torrance jail is 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays.bail bond in torrance

The Booking Process

Time is of the essence; you have to act fast while the arrestee is still being processed for booking. The Torrance Jail booking process typically takes a few hours to complete. Once the entire booking process is complete, a defendant can be cleared for bail. Once they are clear, we can post a bond and the jail will release the person in about 10 – 15 minutes. The booking process includes obtaining the defendant’s personal information, collecting their property, taking their picture, a medical evaluation, and a copy of their finger prints for the background check.

Male detainees who have been convicted or who have failed to post bail will be transferred to a much bigger facility like the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail, the Twin Towers Correctional Facility (TTCF) or the Pitchess Detention Center after they have seen the judge for the first time.  The females usually get transferred to the Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF) in Lynwood after their arraignment, a.k.a their first court date after being detained.

If you have the full bail money in cash, not a percentage of it, you can go to the jail facility and post bail for your loved one.  But, if you cannot afford to do that, you shouldn’t worry too much as there is another way to get the person out of jail, it’s called bail services.

With bonds in general, a company will help you in producing the bail bond amount in the form of a bond, process the payment and the release of the detained.  All you have to do is to provide specific details and sign the contract.

Post Jail Release

When you sign the contract, you agree that you will take full responsibility of the arrestee once he/she is released on bail.  It will be your obligation to make sure he/she shows up to the Torrance Courthouse located at 825 Maple Ave., Torrance, CA 90503 on the schedule court date.

To get things started, you need to find a reliable and reputable bail company with bondsmen that are experienced in handling cases like this in the Torrance vicinity.

This is where our Angels Bail Bonds in Torrance Ca office and our local agents come in.  When you request our services that we offer, you can be assured that your friend or loved one will be out of the Torrance Jail in no time at all.  For more details, you can call and ask our help at: 310-974-8030.torrance jail ca bail bonds

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